Interdisciplinary Master’s Thesis – Chalmers University of Technology/Sahlgrenska Academy

Johan Franzén & Sofie Franzén

In the spring of 2015 we did an interdisciplinary Master’s Thesis project in Moshi, Tanzania. This project and field study was a collaboration between Johan Franzén (Architect) and Sofie Franzén (Medical Doctor).

During the field study period of 10 weeks we looked at Household Air Pollution (HAP) in relation to health. Through a quantitative study, interviews and surveys we collected data about the situation in Moshi. We asked participants in the quantitative study if we could visit them in their homes for a ”qulitative” study. In the end we did six household visits, made observations and mapped the microclimate of the kitchen and household.

  • Shed
  • Pot
  • Interventions
  • Survey
  • Map
  • Delimitation
  • Us
  • Schools

The results were presented in June 2015 at Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology.
Soon both thesis results will be published here as well.

If you want to know more about the issue of Household Air Pollution please visit The Lancet’s commission on HAP:

If you want to read more about our field study in Tanzania you are most welcome to visit our blog (in Swedish): BLOG

Year: 2015
Course: Master’s Thesis in Architecture / ARKX03